The Counsel

Introducing The Counsel’s Sub - Editors

Ali Hamza Memon

After completing his Secondary Studies, and spending most of his life in Canada, Ontario, Ali Hamza Memon has recently returned to Pakistan to pursue his LLB from University of London International Programmes. He is currently a student of L'Ecole for Advanced Studies based in Karachi and is planning to pursue a legal career in Pakistan after completing The Bar Professional Training Course.

Mr. Memon has prior experience supervising the distribution of the Toronto Star newspaper in the Greater Toronto Area working with a third party distributor called M-O Maritime PaperXpress. He also maintains an online blog of his short stories and poems and wishes to be a published writer of literature in the near future.

Mr. Memon is an ambitious young man, and he sincerely wishes to help bring a positive change in Pakistan after the completion of his studies. Although the duty to bring a positive light in Pakistan vests in all of its citizens, Mr. Memon strongly believes that it now vests more firmly in the newer generations of Pakistan.


Sana Azhar

Sana Azhar works as a subeditor for The Counsel magazine. She is currently a law student of the University of London at Lécole (LAS) and intends to pursue a legal career as a litigant in the corporate and criminal sectors after completing the Bar Vocational Course. She has worked as an intern in various law firms and bears a keen interest in the legal landscape of Pakistan. She hopes to contribute to a contemporary and structured legal system. 


Arhum Tariq

Arhum Tariq is a second year student of law from the University of London programmes. She believes that law is a vital discipline for future students to tap into. Pakistan is a place of great opportunity and advancement for future lawyers.

Previously, Arhum has studied from Karachi Grammar School where she was the president of the Journalism Society.

She has always had a passion for writing, reading, and finding mistakes in other people’s writings and words! Like most other lawyers, she has a propensity for striking up debate and argument on even the most trivial of points.

The Counsel is a must- read for all Pakistani’s. It has beautifully fused the two fields of law and journalism, and holding the pieces together is a group of brilliant lawyers. Arhum loves it here!